Why Russia - Immigrate to Russia

Why Russia

One of the last truly independent world powers

• Russia does not and will not bow down to the global hegemon

• Russia is ready to defend its moral values and geopolitical interests

• Russia’s constitution prohibits the extradition of citizens to stand trial abroad

Resilient and mainly self-reliant economy

• Stability and growth. Russia is successfully demonstrating its ability to withstand economic sanctions

• Largely self-sufficient industries include: aerospace, nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, agriculture, automotive, heavy equipment, etc.

• 6th largest domestic market. Relatively high GDP at purchasing power parity

Corporations do not dominate the Russian government

• The military–industrial complex belongs to the state, not to a few powerful private companies with questionable intentions

• The primary goal of Russian healthcare institutions is helping citizens, not enriching themselves

• University education is a constitutional right, not a privilege